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Nature 11:37
NATURE (Billie Davies) Take deep breaths Dig your feet deep in the soft sand of the beaches Let the ocean play in your ears Build sand castles Let the rain fall on your skin Play in the mud Have breakfast in the grass Listen to the birds Be one with nature Be one with the ones you love Share a meal with close ones Say good morning to the world around you To the nature you belong to Have breakfast in the grass Feel nature Watch and listen to and smell nature Feel happy for a new day Feel the ones you love Feel the energy of nature Walk hand in hand in the hand of the moon Have breakfast in the grass Have breakfast in the grass
Life 06:13
LIFE (Billie Davies) Make a major deal over what others call something minor If a minor something is a major deal to you Hear and question everything Don’t worry about what others think Mistakes do not exist Only lessons to learn Have no fear to live Don’t be afraid to be you Learn always and have lots of adventures Be aware and be fair Have no fear to Iive life passionately Life is one big adventure Don’t ever be ashamed and dare to be proud Proud of who you are Dare to persist in your daring Dare to feed babies who have no food Dare to house people that must live in the street Dare to find solutions where there are none Dare to be you Learn always and have lots of adventures Be aware and be fair Have no fear to live life passionately Life is one big adventure “The aim of life is to live And to live means to be aware Joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware” (Henry Miller)
Happiness 07:14
HAPPINESS (Billie Davies) Choose what you do based on what you love Choose your friends based on affection Take nothing for granted and learn to trust Most people are born good Choose to be happy Fight for what you want And make sure you know what you want Travel the world Eat chocolate for breakfast Have an ice cream dinner You need to know who you are Choose to be happy Persist in choosing to be you, in choosing to be different By listening to your heart and feeling your soul Learn who you are Choose to do nothing if there is no purpose Choose to own your own life You need too know who you are Choose to be happy “Take the world as you find it Make the best of the present moment laugh at Fortune generous or unkind live for love and art in bold simplicity and naturalness, There is no sin but that of Hypocrisy.” (Gelett Burgess)
Love 07:15
LOVE (Billie Davies) I Love You, I Love You, I Love You “Press my breasts, Part the veil of mystery, A flower blooms there, Crimson and fragrant. You left impressions unforgettable and when I view our moon your image surfaces and that love seems forever.” (Saigyo 1118-1190) Fall in love as much as you can Love unconditionally True love has no contracts Feel love deeply The grass will always seem greener on the other side Feel love deeply Your heart is my heart Feel love deeply Kiss a lot Aphrodite is watching I Love You, I Love You, I Love You “If you fall in love, LOVE. Remember that there isn’t only one love of your life, but several. Shut off the TV, shut down your cell-phone, switch on the light and be with them, talk to them or sit quietly, but be with them…” (From the letter Kasja wrote to Joy in “30 degrees in February”)
Freedom 16:47
FREEDOM (Billie Davies) Freedom
From hoping for heaven and fearing hell
Mother nature gives me everything I love her well
Don’t turn me from my destiny
Mother nature is enough for me 
I will not leave her but come back
I strongly believe I will always be free To be here Self-creation Individuality Freedom Self-realization Freedom
 Life keeps on going on and on
Like seeds once sown grow in the spring again
And blossom in that warm summer rain
But just in case 
One life is all I get to live
And energy comes only once to me
I’ll live it full of joy and passion and free Experimentation Freedom
Art 13:37
ART (Billie Davies) Express yourself Uniquely From your heart and soul As an individual Bring to your environment A different perspective From what commonly is known To be life Express yourself Open yourself to creative energy Consciously Let others experience Your feelings expressed Uniquely individually spontaneously Express yourself “One has to give that justice to art,
That it brings proof that nothing functions.
It establishes that there is no use,
Not for the universe,
Not for religion.
It's flagrant uselessness makes one discover That something,
Of which no-one gave much thought,
Suddenly becomes essential.” (Francois Jaqmin - translated from French by Billie Davies)

Rhythm 14:45
RHYTHM (Billie Davies) Rhythm is the segmented duration of Energy Rhythm is the architecture of Universal Energy One, two, three, four Art is not eternal Science is not eternal Religion is not eternal Politics and governments are not eternal Only energy is eternal Rhythm is to infinity what the butterfly is to zero It is the rhythm of our hearts It is the rhythm of Mother Nature Everything moves in its own rhythm Everything lives in its own rhythm Everything changes in its own rhythm The Milky Way, the sun, the moon, the earth Water, air, plants, trees, birds, fishes, humans, cats and dogs This rhythm is the rhythm of the universe It is the rhythm of our hearts It is the rhythm of Mother Nature Rhythm is the segmented duration of Energy Rhythm is the architecture of Universal Energy One, two, three, four



An all spontaneous, instinctive, intuitive improvisation inspired by 7 perspectives, words written by Billie Davies and 7 chakra musical keys, expressed by a quartet of piano / keys, baritone sax / flute, bass and drums, vocals / spoken word by 2 female vocalists and 2 female dancers.

Perspectives that affect all human beings, regardless of race, nationality, culture, gender, creed, religion, politics, social status and personhood.

Abstract Expressionist Improvisations
Neither confused by the light
Nor blinded by dogma, color or political correctness

An ever evolving improvisation, a message to raise the awareness of life and living, love and loving from a deeply natural, instinctive perspective, so people start to listen to their heart, to feel their soul, without fear, wholly responsible for every action taken, and in doing so feel truly happy and fulfilled in harmony with mother nature.

A symphony to mother nature, to the tree of life and people. One big conversation where each artist responds to another artist’s call, where each and every action taken is in response to another, all being influenced by each other, all being one and one with mother nature.

Musicians expressing through sound, vocalists through words and in the video dancers through movement, all expressing perspectives of Nature, Life, Happiness, Love, Freedom, Art and Rhythm.

Billie Davies


released September 27, 2018

Billie Davies - drums, Evan Oberla - piano/keys/trombone, Oliver Watkinson - bass
featuring: Ari Kohn - woodwinds, Iris P - vocals, Allie Porter - vocals
Lyrics by Billie Davies

live recorded for sound and video at: Art Klub, New Orleans LA
live recording date: June 1, 2018, 8 - 10 pm
audio recording, mixing, mastering: Mike Davies
video recording and post production: Marion Hill

Nature - 11:36 , Life - 06:13 , Happiness - 07:15 , Love - 07:15
Freedom - 16:47 , Art - 13:37 , Rhythm - 14:45
lyrics: Billie Davies
release date: September 27


all rights reserved



BILLIE DAVIES West Palm Beach, Florida

Billie Davies is a drummer and a composer best known for her free, instinctively avant-garde compositions since the mid- nineties, and her improvisational drumming techniques she has performed in Europe and in the US. All of her music is improvisational, a conversation between musicians, inspired by a certain feeling, thought or perspective that is being communicated to an audience. ... more

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